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By Bill Frady

Live Radio : Lock N Load with Bill Frady
Live Radio : Lock N Load with Bill Frady
Lock N Load Radio
Lock N Load Radio

USA – -( Today on Lock N Load Radio with Bill Frady Live 6-9 PM Eastern. Call in is 877-807-4048.

Today on Lock N Load Radio, July 7th 2016’s topics of discussion include:

  • Dealing with Terrorists should become 2nd Nature.
  • Lawful CCW Carrier shot by LEO.
  • An Open Letter to Congress.
  • Majority of US wanted a Pantsuit Clinton Indictment.
  • #Never Trump is dealt a body blow.
  • Anti Gun Academic calls for NRA massacre.
  • Paul Ryan gets pushback from Conservatives concerning gun legislation.
  • Gun Control Kills!
  • Keeping your concealed weapon a secret.
  • Watch Their Hands.
  • Rep King calls Dem gun control sit in hypocritical.
  • The Real Issue of Gun Control.
  • Kalifornia may soon look like the non compliance capital of the world,Gun Grabber claims gun rights proponents prefer a police state?
  • Hoplophobic author dusts off the “Epidemic of Mass Shootings” meme.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady is presented by Genesis Communications Network. With 126 million gunowners in the US today, Lock N Load has something for everyone. From reports about the politics of gun ownership, and those who would take the right away, …Read the Rest

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