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By Brandon Curtis

By Michael Jenkins via USA Carry

Whether fueled by mental illness or terrorism, mass knife attacks are becoming more common these days—and with the increased media coverage, I suspect additional copycats are inbound. We’ve talked about how to handle a mass shooter or a terrorist attack, but looking at the many tragic examples of mass knife attacks from the last few years, it becomes apparent to me that mass knife attacks present some unique challenges that we ought to examine in greater detail.

First off: mass knifings seem to be most common in places where people don’t suspect violence—schools are unfortunately popular—or places that are crowded with tourists and visitors. Needless to say, we should all be extra cautious in those environments for the time being. This isn’t to say that I want us to live in fear, but we need to understand what the threat environment is.

Next, let’s look at how knife attacks unfold. Guns are loud, and in most mass shootings the folks at the scene hear the incident before they actually see the attacker. By contrast, knives make …Read the Rest

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