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By Scott Gara

Carroll’s Gun Shop has been an institution since 1960. (Photo: Carroll’s Gun Shop/
John Herlitz is the owner of Carroll’s Guns Shop where, since October 2019, he has been serving the fine people of Wharton, Texas guns, and ammunition. To be clear, Carroll’s has been an institution in the town of Wharton since John Carroll opened it in 1960.
After serving Carroll as a sales rep for 20 plus years, Herlitz got the chance of a lifetime to take over the shop in 2019 and he didn’t pass.
We caught up with Herlitz to talk about what makes Carroll’s special, how helps move inventory, and why Texans love guns. What makes Carroll’s Gun Shop unique?
Herlitz: Well, 60 years of business in Wharton County. We have over 1,200 guns and a huge used gun department and we handle everything from police supplies to hunting stuff. We have probably a thousand knives in stock at any given moment. We have everything firearms-wise. We just sold a serial number one Gatling gun for $48,000 through in May. We probably have close to 75 WWI/WWII era 1911s. Everything from carried-issued Colt 1911s to some A1s to Union Switch & Signal. Just sold a 1912 U.S.


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