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By Sara Tipton

Colion Noir wears a "no bear arms" California shirt

Many people say things like “let California fall into the sea.” Or “those idiots voted for this, they deserve it.” I can assure you I never once voted to increase my taxes or add to the state’s already numerous gun laws. Yet because of the location of my husband’s job, I was subjected to those policies. Did I deserve to fall into the sea for simply living past an imaginary line where people aren’t allowed as much freedom as others? (Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical.) The point is, you won’t hear that kind of sass from me. I have a problem with oppression, I was just lucky enough to escape it. Some of my friends lack the money for a move, and I know they hate this too. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of the “Gunpocalypse” gun bills headed to the California Senate. . .

  • AB 0156: Restrictions on ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.
  • AB 0857: Requires serial numbers to be placed on all home-built firearms, as well as curio and relic handguns dating back to 1899.
  • AB 1135: Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices, such as “bullet buttons”.
  • AB 1511: Criminalizes loaning of firearms between …Read the Rest

    Source:: Truth About Guns

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