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By Tom Knighton

David Hogg feels pretty good about himself. He has adoring fans, girls begging for selfies with him, and even celebrities who express admiration for him. When you’re 18-years-old, that’s a lot of reason to think you’re actually someone.

Plus, let’s be honest here. Hogg has had a few successes here and there. His boycott against Laura Ingram may not have pushed her off the air, but it did create quite a pinch for Fox News. He managed to press Publix not to support candidates for office–not exactly the intention, but it also means they won’t support pro-gun candidates, so I’m sure he sees it as a win.

Now, however, he’s trying to extort Smith & Wesson, and it’s freaking hysterical.

We will destroy you by using the two things you fear most.

Love and economics 🙂 see you soon.

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) August 26, 2018


Kid, you’re out of your depth.

You see, boycotts only work when you get people who would otherwise buy a product not to do so. If you want to boycott Ford, you buy a Chevy instead, for example.

However, most people won’t boycott Bugatti simply because they were never going to buy a Bugatti …Read the Rest

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