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By Tom Knighton

David Hogg is the gift that keeps on giving.

He’s kind of like a rash, in that way. The difference is that there’s usually a point to the rash. With Hogg, not so much.

The recent high school graduate now forced into a “gap year” due to not getting into college still bloviates constantly on gun control, not recognizing his 15 minutes of fame are up with the mainstream media. He’s convinced he can make a “difference” by coming up with stupid idea after stupid idea.

The latest? A federal tax on guns to fund gun violence research.

Congress ought to create a federal tax on gun sales to fund gun violence research.

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) November 28, 2018

Yes, David. That’s precisely what will happen. Let’s ignore the laws that already forbid government funding from explicitly anti-gun research–and we all know that’s the kind David is talking about, don’t we?–and create a tax to explicitly fund that same forbidden research.

I’m fairly sure he was dropped on his head as an infant.

I’ll be honest, though, this isn’t one of the dumber things I’ve heard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still ridiculous. But the idea of adding a tax on something, then using …Read the Rest

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