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By CN Staff

By John Boch via TTAG

Bullets ricocheted and one careened through a window of a nearby bowling alley Tuesday evening in Chicago. The shots came following a road rage incident captured on one driver’s dash cam. Thankfully, no persons served as backstops for the rounds.

However, the suspect remains at large. Police describe him as a black male with a black bandana or hat, black shoes, light-colored pants – and a reindeer-patterned sweater. Egads. No wonder he was in a bad mood.

The shots came in the 1900 block of West Irving Park Road at about 7:25pm. Definitely not a(nother) case of dead-of-night violence among Chicago’s rich and vibrant culture.

The video shows two cars pull out into traffic, one hot on the tail of the other in a bona fide road rage incident. Soon, thanks to the video, we see how one car’s road rage transitions to attempted murder.

Of course, even if cops catch the would-be killer, he likely won’t face serious charges.

Here’s another video from a couple of years ago. It features a drunk woman emerging from a Lincoln Park nightclub – in the “safe” part of town …Read the Rest

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