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By Daniel Terrill

Daniel Defense joined the ranks of other gun makers branching out into the burgeoning silencer market by releasing its first standalone suppressor device on Monday.
The Georgia-based Daniel Defense highlighted the construction of the DD Wave, which is produced with a 3D printer as a single item, so it requires no assembly, explained the company’s owner and president, Marty Daniel.
“The one-piece design, constructed from Inconel, eliminates the need for welds, which are usually the weakest parts of a suppressor. So what you’re left with is a suppressor of unmatched strength and durability,” he said.
“We are able to do things with this type of manufacturing that you simply can’t with a conventional machine,” he said, adding the item is “constructed entirely using 3D direct metal laser sintering technology.”
The company said the silencer design features a “cascading baffle geometry” similar to if it had been produced using traditional manufacturing techniques. But also touts the benefits of 3D printing technology, saying it “allows for a one-of-a-kind baffle design that forces gas into concentric,  confined spaces, extending dwell time in the suppressor” that better “attenuates” sound.
Constructed from Inconel, stainless steel and titanium — and with a Cerakote finish — the DD Wave is designed to


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