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By Bob Owens

daniel defense 300 blk

Daniel Defense DDM4 rifles was a strong-selling product line for Academy Sports. The sporting good chain literally couldn’t keep the premium AR-style rifles on the shelves in the chain’s firearms departments.

Now they’ve lost the right to try, after the chain disgracefully pulled all their AR-15s off of public display in the wake of the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11 by an American-borne supporter of ISIS, but still sold the most popular kind of rifle in the nation from behind the counter, as if they were adult magazines.

Upon hearing of Academy’s behavior late yesterday, Daniel Defense immediately terminated their relationship with the chain, which had been rumored to have carried out similarly weaselly actions before.

Today, they issued this release to the public.

Daniel Defense Terminates Relationship with Academy Sports

Black Creek, GA- June 16, 2016. Daniel Defense—engineer and manufacture of the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems, and accessories— Has announced it will no longer sell firearms to Academy Sports due to their decision to remove MSR’s from their website and in-store displays.

Letter to all Daniel Defense Distributors:

“As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously. We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest …Read the Rest

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