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By Bob Owens

John Johnston of Ballistic Radio

One of the more rewarding conversations I had at SHOT Show was with Thomas Carlson, the Director of Marketing Communications for Daniel Defense, and John Johnston of Ballistic Radio.

John Johnston of Ballistic Radio. American Shooting Journal did a cool interview with him.

Daniel Defense is a very well-established premium-quality AR-15 manufacturer and don’t really need any introduction, but Johnston and Ballistic Radio might. Ballistic Radio is syndicated weekly radio show and podcast that covers self-defense, firearms, and training, with an eye towards bursting so many of the myths and misinformation common in gun culture in general, and on self-defense topics in particular.

In fact, I just finished listening to one of the most recent Ballistic Radio podcasts, where John talked to the “Tactical Professor Claude Warner about John Boyd’s famous aerial combat study about something called an “OODA Loop” that so many of us in the firearms community get very, very wrong, including members of the firearms training industry.

But the topic of our conversation in the Daniel Defense booth wasn’t any specific radio show or podcast or livestream, but the new partnership between Ballistic Radio and Daniel Defense, which I found very intriguing.

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