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By Ammoland

Airguns Turned in Scotland 2016

By Major Van HarlDanger Not From The BB Guns But From Scotland’s Disarmament

Airguns Turned in Scotland 2016
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-( Rogue air weapons in Scotland!

Sounds like groups of terrorist have hijacked a fleet of drone aircraft, armed them with Hellfire missiles and then attacked, at will, poor unarmed villages in Scotland.

Given the fact that Police Scotland is unarmed and employ their concept of fighting back crime with only expandable batons and pepper spray, I can see why these perceived beset Scottish cops, would want to take away ownership of BB guns from the average citizen of that country.

The problem is, what we call a BB gun or pellet gun in the US; Police Scotland has labeled an air weapon.

Once is it a weapon in Scotland it must be removed from the public or controlled with such draconian laws that render it not cost effective to own.

Regulate anything with enough paper work, and then throw in heavy taxes and licensing fees and you can kill some of the strongest desires to own almost anything—especially rogue air weapons.

When I was ten years old I …Read the Rest

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