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USA – -( – Dallas County is now embracing the title of sanctuary county after passing a resolution on Monday to welcome illegal immigrants. Dana Loesch joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield to slam the dangerous decision that does nothing but harm the hard-working, legal residents of Dallas County.

“No one is actually taking into consideration what this does to all of the individuals who exist in Dallas County and what they’re going to be putting up with,” Loesch, who resides near Dallas, said. Illegals will soak up what’s left of Dallas County’s depleted resources, especially since both President Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott have vowed to punish sanctuary cities by taking away federal and state funding. “You have a number of individuals who are going to be requiring either government assistance or public education, etc.”

Loesch continued, “One of the big draws is public education, because in Mexico you have individuals who have to pay for education and here they are able to enroll there children into public school and obviously get the free education there … free being the operative word.”

According to Loesch, the root of the problem is the …Read the Rest

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