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By Robert Farago

Dan Casey (courtesy Twitter)

Gun enthusiasts have won battle after battle in Richmond for the past 20 years. Now they’re preparing their 2016 legislative initiatives, and Dan takes a tongue-in-cheek look. That’s the subhead underneath Dan Casey’s column Some big plans for gun laws in 2016 in Here’s the thing: all of Dan’s “ironic” proposals to the fictional Virginia Rifle Federation make perfect sense. Well almost all of them . . .

1. Guns on planes and trains: Our friends in the Virginia Citizen Defense League already are clearing the way for guns on municipal buses. So the VRF will focus on other modes of mass transit — Amtrak and commercial airliners.

After all, plane and train passenger compartments are full of innocent sitting ducks, because these places are dangerous “gun-free zones.” Only criminals are armed there now.

The Mass Transit Gun Safety Act will allow any passenger on a train or plane departing Virginia to pack a handgun. Just imagine if this was the law of the land during 9/11. The Twin Towers might still be standing.

I don’t see anything wrong or funny or unacceptable about this proposal. My credulity may make Dan yuk it up with his anti-gun associates but …read more

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