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By Robert Farago

Dan Baum is one of America’s greatest writers. While I disagreed with the pro-gun control editorializing in Gun Guys: A Road Trip — written in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre — I can’t recommend it enough. Mr. Baum’s vignettes of American gun owners are as vivid as a Lilly Pulitzer print, and a lot easier on the eyes. Dan quit writing — and kept writing (of course). An email journal. Here’s a police-related post that hit my inbox, republished with his permission . . .

The pistol hanging on a police officer’s hip represents a catastrophic failure of technology and imagination. A police officer never needs to kill anybody. What he does need to do, occasionally, is instantly incapacitate a suspect — sometimes several, and sometimes at a distance. But that shouldn’t require killing anybody.

It would be hard to think of another realm of technology as grievously stalled. People have been incapacitating each other at distance by blowing bits of metal through them since 1288, when someone in China figured out that if you stuffed some of that cool fireworks powder into a metal tube and inserted a …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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