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By Mike McDaniel

Gersh Kuntzman credit:
Gersh Kuntzman

I was going to write “it is a matter of faith,” among experienced gun owners that progressives know nothing about guns, nor do they care to know anything, but that’s not quite true. It’s also a matter of experience. Occasionally, a Progressive ventures forth into the soul-destroying and terrifying realm of guns, and barely escapes with his or her life and sanity, not that many of them could, upon demand, demonstrate sanity in the first place. Such a person is one Gersh Kuntzman, writing for The New York Daily News.

Barrett 82A1
Barrett 82A1

Mr. Kuntzman, a very brave reporter, sought out a gun dealer that would allow him to fire the gun most brutalizing to the shooter and most deadly in all the world. A .50 BMG caliber Barrett? A .500 S&W? A .50 BMG chambered for a revolver with a 2-inch barrel? A six-pound rifle firing a 30mm cannon round from a 20” barrel?

S&W Limited Edition in .500 S&W
S&W Limited Edition in .500 S&W

No. Much, much worse: …Read the Rest

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