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American Eagle Ammo 5.56X45mm NATO 55Gr XM193 Deal
American Eagle Ammo 5.56X45mm NATO 55Gr XM193 Deal

USA – Brownells has some top quality Federal American Eagle Ammo, 5.56X45mm NATO 55Gr XM193, with a ammo can that you can get 420 rounds for $133.99 after a coupon code, FREE shipping and MFG’s rebate. That works out to $0.319 each and a reusable ammo can.

This is new-manufactured mil-spec 5.56 x 45mm NATO XM193 FMJ ammo ideal for training & practice. This ammunition was produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant to Federal Cartridge Company specs for commercial ammunition. 55-grain FMJ boattail bullet – the exact load developed for the original M16 rifle. Headstamped with Federal logo and date of manufacture, reloadeable brass cases with crimped in boxer primers. Lacquer-sealed primer and case mouth to resist moisture. For use only in rifles with chambers designed for 5.56mm x 45 ammunition.

To get this deal working you need to purchase the XM193 online at Brownells, enter the coupon code “NCS” and pay $154.99 at check out then go to the rebate link below and apply for the additional $21.00 pre paid rebate credit card.

420pc Federal 5.56NATO 55Gr & Ammo Can Free S&H $133.99 Rebate $0.32

Federal Freedom Fuel Promotion R10064 Rebate …Read the Rest

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