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By Robert Farago

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Gun Nuts Play Soldier After Chattanooga, the headline at sneers, referring to open carry Americans protecting unarmed military recruiters from terrorist attack. What could go wrong? the subhead snarks. The article underneath the anti-gun agitprop proclamations isn’t that bad. Like so many civilian disarmament posts of late, the authors do a pretty good job of presenting the pro-gun position. Such a good job, in fact, that they paint themselves into a rhetorical corner. How can you argue against arming stateside military personnel when the military can’t come up with a convincing argument? You invent one for them! Like this . . .

“We’ve got to debate this. We need to give this a rationale, measured look,” one senior defense official explained to The Daily Beast. “Would you let your son or daughter join the military if a recruiter showed up at your house with a gun?”

Those involved in recruiting said that arming troops would make it even harder for them to get into schools, malls and college campuses.

“Our presence on high school and college campuses is tenuous enough,” a second senior defense official explained. “How are we supposed to go to a high school and say ‘can …read more

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