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By CN Staff


You’d think that living in one of the nation’s reddest states, Oklahoma, might make you think twice about trying to break into a man’s house while threatening his daughter. But that idea didn’t make its way through the skull of a 20-something-year-old man in Tulsa, who was shot twice in the chest by his ex-girlfriend’s father on Wednesday.

According to Police Sgt. Kurt Dodd, the daughter didn’t live with her parents but was at their home during the incident, along with several east coast family friends who were staying there to wait out Hurricane Florence.

Around 4:30pm, the ex-boyfriend showed up and started pounding on the front door. After being refused entry, he went around the back and banged on the back door. Finally, he broke the latch on the garage door, forcibly entered the home, and confronted the people inside. That’s when the father shot him.

The Tulsa police are taking a cautious approach to the incident.

“Obviously the law is probably on your side if you’re threatened and in your own home,” said (Tulsa Police Sgt. Kurt) Dodd. “However, the circumstances of this, I don’t know if that law is going to apply …Read the Rest

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