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By Nick Leghorn

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier (courtesy

A few days ago Cathy Lanier, the police chief of Washington, D.C., admitted that the police would not arrive in time to save lives in the event of a “Paris-style terrorist attack.” She advised that the best way to save lives is to for the victims defend themselves. In response, a few news agencies asked D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, whether, in light of the top cop’s advice, she would be changing her stance on forbidding her residents to defend themselves with firearms. One might expect a thoughtful, rational response from an elected official asked for her take on her Chief’s advice. Instead, what Washingtonians got was a politician spouting the usual big city Democrat stance . . .

From the Washington Examiner:

Since Lanier, appearing on the CBS magazine show 60 Minutes, didn’t say exactly how District residents with limited access to guns should (counter an attack), Burns asked if gun laws should be changed.

Bowser said that she is not satisfied with the District’s gun laws, but doesn’t want them loosened. “I don’t like guns,” she said as the press conference with local business leaders erupted in applause.

As the clapping went on, she added, “I don’t think …Read the Rest

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