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By Tom Knighton

Extreme Risk Protective Orders, better known as “red flag laws,” are the latest rage in gun control ever since Parkland. Never mind that there was already enough things the authorities could have done to stop the Parkland killer, somehow this one law would have made that horrific event never happen.

And I ride a unicorn to work every day, too.

Still, it’s a push that’s happening in part because some Republicans are finding themselves supportive of the measures. That wasn’t a factor for the District of Columbia, to be sure, as they just became the most recent jurisdiction to pass a red flag law.

A law requiring police to confiscate weapons from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others passed the D.C. Council on Tuesday, in the District’s latest effort to curb gun violence in the area.

The legislation, called an “extreme risk protection order” or more commonly, a “red flag law,” has gained widespread support from proponents of tighter gun control laws. Similar measures have been implemented in 13 states, including Maryland.

Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), chairman of the public safety committee, called Tuesday’s vote “a significant step forward in the District’s response to gun violence.”

Unfortunately, Allen is deluding …Read the Rest

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