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By Chris Eger

Polymer80 has been popular with hobbyists in recent years for their pistol and AR frame kits. (Photo: Polymer80)
Describing popular hobby gun kit provider Polymer80 as “selling untraceable firearms” to area residents, Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is suing the company.
Nevada-based Polymer80 is a household name in American gun culture due to the widespread use of their patented “80 percent” AR-15 and pistol frames. The company has long relied on their products as being is well within the ATF’s parameters of what is defined as a “receiver blank,” fundamentally just selling partially formed chunks of polymer that have not yet reached a stage of manufacture that meets the definition of “firearm frame” or “receiver” under the 1968 Gun Control Act.
Racine– an elected Democrat that has been in office in D.C. since 2015 and has been the subject of federal lawsuits from Second Amendment groups over the District’s harsh anti-gun laws— sees the matter of Polymer 80’s chucks of plastic and accompanying accessories much different.
“The Office of the Attorney General is seeking a court order to stop the company from selling ghost guns to D.C. consumers and to get these deadly weapons off our streets,” said Racine’s office in a statement.


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