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By Patrick Roberts

CZ- P10 C After 1,100 rounds.

The CZ P10 C is poised to take on the great poly pistols on the market, but is it equipped to take on the competition? The only way to find out is to shoot the gun. A lot. Like 5,000 rounds a lot.

CZ- P10 C After 1,100 rounds.

U.S.A.-( Since the launch of my new YouTube channel, The Firearm Rack, I have been committed to answering questions like how do I feel about the CZ P10 C after 1,100 rounds. While there is nothing wrong with surface level reviews, I wanted to provide the shooting community with a more in-depth review that can honestly answer if the hype is real or if other publications are just spoon feeding marketing lines from the manufacturer.

To get right to the point, I can’t tell you if the hype is real quite yet but I can tell you that the pistol is very good. I am going to be testing this handgun to 5,000 rounds in order to simulate between 5 to 10 years of normal ownership by the average gun owner according to data collected by the NSSF.

Overall Impressions

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