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By Robert Farago

Cynthia Dill (courtesy

“Instead of – or in addition to – ordering Apple to build a technological back door to its phones, why aren’t we ordering weapons makers to put technology in their products that can be used by law enforcement to protect us from gun violence?” Get the government to mandate “smart guns” then give them the power to remotely disable firearms? How do they do it? How do they cram so much fail into such a short sentence [via Maine’s]. But the columnist, former state senator and failed Democrat US Senate candidate Cynthia Dill‘s not done . . .

Do guys with assault weapons and stockpiles of high-capacity ammunition – good or bad – have a privacy right to carry them in public places undetected? Or do citizens have a right to be alerted by their iPhone when such a weapon comes within shooting range?

What in Sam Hill is going on inside this woman’s mind? Can’t she see how her “automatic weapon notification” idea — and I use that term loosely — would lead to the targeting of legal concealed carriers by the government, gang-bangers or God knows who? If nothing else, the electronic …Read the Rest

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