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By Brandon Curtis

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – As two armed teenagers entered a convenience store one night this month, they weren’t expecting an armed customer to ruin their plans.

On Friday, two people came into the convenience store around 9:45 p.m., one brandishing a gun, another a Taser, owner Jamal Hamden said.

At that point a customer shot one of the pair, Hamden said. Both fled without taking any money.

That customer, at the right place at the right time, took care of unfortunate business that he or she was forced into.

When police arrived, the found one of the suspects nearby with a gunshot wound. It seems that the other suspect got away, but police are looking to talk with the injured suspect once he is able to speak with them.

And that’s about it for this story. Another armed citizen who refused to be a victim, or let others be victimized.

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Source:: Concealed Nation

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