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By Bob Owens

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It’s very difficult to write about anything coming out of the Violence Policy Center and not feel a tinge of disgust.

While the gun control movement in the United States is inherently dishonest—look at how often judges have thrown Brady Campaign “lawfare” suits out, or how many times Moms Demand Action/Everytown For Gun Safety have been caught fabricating “studies,” or how frequently the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s attempts to get gun owners in confrontations with police—Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center is usually among the most perverse and misleading figures in the gun prohibitionist movement.

Surprising no one, he’s the lead author of “Start Them Young” (PDF), a deplorable propaganda document attacking on the youth firearms safety market.

Sugarmann’s polemic starts with a disturbing picture of a small child wearing camouflage and holding a handgun. The photo is too grainy to tell whether it is real or a toy. Sugarman asserts on the following page that the picture could be the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, despite denials from the father that the picture was of either of his sons.

The “report” goes downhill rapidly from there.

Sugarmann does what he does best, cherry-picking innocuous sentences out of utterly benign …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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