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By Dan Zimmerman


There’s been something of a shakeout in the ranks of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex in recent years. With his bottomless pockets, former mayor Michael Bloomberg boosted the fortunes of Mayors Against Illegal Your Guns. Until, that is, he realized that 1) an embarrassingly large percentage of his membership were themselves illegal and 2) mini Mike doesn’t really make the most sympathetic spokesman for the anti-gun cause. Or anything else, really. The solution: he went out and bought himself (former Monsanto flack) Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action. Problem solved. Then there’s the Brady Campaign . . .

With the ascendance of Bloomberg’s ultra-well-funded operation, the Brady Campaign’s fortunes have declined. Bummer, right? They just haven’t been able to compete with Mike’s billions and Shannon’s camera-ready, sympathetic schtick and media savvy. And while they were really just figureheads in recent years, the deaths of both James and Sarah Brady didn’t help matters much. Can anyone remember the last time the Brady Campaign moved the anti-gun needle? At all? Anyone? Bueller?

Also taking up some of the oxygen in the anti-RKBA space once dominated by the Bradys are Gabby Giffords’ …read more

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