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By Jenn Jacques

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Last week, Steven “Louder With” Crowder released his latest episode discussing the RNC controversies, Milo getting banned from Twitter and Dana Loesch stopped by the show to talk about her new position with the NRA.

But the best segment of this episode (love you and congrats again, Dana!!!!) was the long awaited, heated debate with Christopher Titus.

Titus, who I think had a show on Fox in the 90’s (not wasting my time Googling him, this video is all I need to know about him) joined Crowder for a no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all, gun rights vs. gun control battle royale.

Watch the web extended segment from the heated Second Amendment debate between Steven Crowder and Christopher Titus and sound off in the comments: what was your favorite part of the debate?

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