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By Tom Claycomb

Tom reviews the CRKT TSR Terzuola Survival Rescue Knife.

You can use almost any small coin to loosen the screw and remove the handle on the CRKT TSR TERZUOLA.

USA –-( I’m not a prepper or survivalist but, I am up in the mountains a lot I guess so that means I have to be prepared at all times.

So wherever that places me on the chart so be it. My wife and I were up camping last week. Came home, shot in a few articles and then tomorrow I’m headed back up backpacking by myself for a few days and then will come home and take my wife fishing the next day down in the Owyhee’s, which is borderline desert country. So the CRKT TSR Terzuola Survival Rescue (TSR) knife that we’re going to discuss today fits into the world that I live in.

I don’t carry big Rambo type of knives. I guess mainly because they’re bulky and too heavy and I don’t know what they can do for me that a 4-inch blade can’t do. So that’s a little bit of the background that I’ll be coming from. Not a right or wrong. I have a lot of …Read the Rest

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