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By Justin Stakes

CRKT Hans Florine Bivy Multi-Tool :

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary
CRKT Hans Florine Bivy Multi-Too test and review.

CRKT Hans Florine Bivy Multi-Tool :
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United States -( With so many multi-tools on the market, one might honestly ask us why we are bothering to even write a review.

Believe it or not, the answer is quite simple. The majority of these devices, although nifty in appearance, contain “tools” that are more gadget than tool. Let’s face it….. who really needs a corkscrew in the boondocks? And, the pliers and knife blades on most combo-tools are pretty lame.

CRKT Hans Florine Bivy Multi-Tool

Hans Florine recognized that “problem” and designed the CRKT Hans Florine Bivy Multi-Tool that is truly useful with just the tools that will be used on a regular basis. For those readers who are not familiar with Hans Florine, he is a world-record holding speed cllimber and rigger for the world famous Bandaloop Vertical Dance Troupe. Jim may have jumped out of perfectly good airplanes in his younger days, but would never, ever consider taking on the mountains that Hans tackles. As such, when he designed this tool, it had to be right, because lives would depend on it. That …Read the Rest

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