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By Robert Farago

(courtesy amolando,com)

In his latter years, when people asked “how are you?” my father had a standard response. “Vertical.” Beyond that baseline he wasn’t much more informative. “Getting older’s not for puss**s” he’d opine, and leave it at that. Copy that. As a quinquagenarian, I’ve found that my shooting-related skills have degraded. Crimson Trace feels my pain. Crimson Trace Aids Aging America their ammoland,com presser proclaims, using an image that begs for the caption “GET OFF OF MY LAWN!” Hey is that Bill Murray? Let me get my glasses. Which I think is their point . . .

“Along with aging comes a common problem—failing eyesight. Older Crimson Trace customers regularly report having difficulty seeing the rear sight, front sight, and target (three focal planes) required as a normal sight picture when shooting a firearm.”

Needless to say, CT has the answer . . .

Those same gun owning customers report that the bright red or green dot generated from a Crimson Trace laser sight—and visible on the target—renews their confidence.

“The Crimson Trace Customer Service Center receives phone calls on a daily basis from older citizens who have trouble aiming because of diminished eyesight—a common factor in aging,” reports Nate Hoke, Crimson …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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