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By Justin Stakes

Crimson Trace Classroom range training
Crimson Trace Classroom range training
Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, OR -( Crimson Trace has set a new high standard in customer assistance within the shooting sports industry thanks to an innovative classroom training partnership that has now reached more than 200 shooting ranges and firearms retail sites across America.

This partnership program has also resulted in the training of more than 2,000 sales staff and range managers.

“The Crimson Trace Classroom program helps store staff learn about—and experience—the results of having laser sights installed on firearms,” reports Crimson Trace Director of Sales Donald Wright. “We provide the firearms and ammunition, then have our instructors guide the shooters through the eye-opening live-fire session after a brief classroom session. Nearly every shooter passing through the classroom has discovered tighter shot groups and faster target acquisition times. Classroom graduates gain hands-on experience that they can relay to customers.”

The training effectively demonstrates why laser sights should be standard equipment on all personal defense handguns.

Crimson Trace has Regional Sales Managers and Independent Representatives covering distinct territories from the Carolinas to California—and all areas between. Those managers are also trained safety officers and have been trained in conducting live-fire learning events. The topics covered in …Read the Rest

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