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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

John Lott

John Lott

U.S.A.-( It has been a difficult week, but hopefully, we have made some difference in the debate. In the twenty years that I have discussed guns in the media, I don’t believe that I have seen such media bias. CNN, MSNBC, and programs such as Meet the Press have panels where everyone agrees with each other on the issue of guns. News articles make no attempt at balance, and their outlets refuse to publish letters even when it is clear that the reporters had made mistakes.

Still, the appearance on Sean Hannity’s television show this past Wednesday was particularly valuable. Working with Hannity’s producers at Fox News we were able to put together an information-packed few minute presentation about the impact that gun bans and right-to-carry laws have on crime rates. The appearance on Fox Business also went very well. One of the interviews on Turkish television was particularly amusing. After making several false claims about crime rates in the UK and other places, the interviewer was forced to say “Statistics aside…” before going on with a question about emotions. There were a couple television interviews that I did with the …Read the Rest

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