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By David Limbaugh

Democratic Compromise


2020 Democrats Radicals

USA – -( The main problem in American politics is not the obvious polarization but the underlying reasons for it. Partisanship, angst and divisiveness are all preferable to surrendering the culture and fundamentally transforming the republic.

The Democratic Party has deceived much of the public into believing that its positions aren’t extreme, but the truth is coming out now for all to see. Such veritable crackpots as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not merely fringe fruitcakes; they are just bringing the party out of the closet.

It’s as if half this decadeslong leftist conspiracy to turn America into a socialist hellhole has finally been exposed by the unwitting soldiers of the revolution, who have understood everything about it but were told to keep their mouths shut about their ultimate goals.

The party’s ostensible centrists are panicking, realizing that unless they can successfully cast AOC et al. as outliers, the party faces an electoral bloodbath in 2020. But there are few remaining Democratic centrists.

  • How many national Democratic officeholders are pro-life?
  • How many really believe in enforcing the country’s borders?
  • How many reject the rampant practice of identity politics and the racialization of virtually every issue?
  • How many object to the coarsening of the …Read the Rest

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