Posted March 27, 2020 10:00 am by Comments

By Scott Gara

The shelves and cases at Brew City Shooters Supply are normally full of inventory. (Photo: Adam Campbell)
A few weeks ago Brew City Shooters Supply’s shelves were fully stocked with firearms and ammo — just a trickle of customers coming through its doors. Then, COVID-19 landed stateside and like many FFLs across the country, the shop saw an unprecedented spike in sales.
Adam Campbell, Director of Training a Brew City Shooters Supply, has been in the trenches at the shop making sure people get the guns they seek. He’s watched many buyers coming in, some for the very first time. We caught up with Campbell to see what the interaction with customers has been like and how the store is working to keep everyone safe with social distancing restrictions in place. How are you doing? How are you hanging in there?
Campbell: It’s definitely been a very wild last week and a half as I’m sure it has for everyone. For sure. The first question is, how are you guys approaching this social distancing thing from a management standpoint with people in the store? I’m sure the store has to be very busy right now. How is that working?
Campbell: Oh, it’s insane. I


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