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By Tom Knighton

School campuses have been gun-free zones in most states for years now. Despite that status–or because of it–college campuses have been the target of shootings more than once. It seems that gun-free status doesn’t actually stop attacks from happening, it just disarms people who might be able to stop the attacks.

Additionally, disarming students means they’re disarmed too and from school as well, and that makes them prime targets for criminals. Especially when they know those students can’t be armed.

Because of all these factors, among others, many states have been repealing their laws banning guns on school campuses. One of those states is my home state of Georgia.

Now, the Georgia law has survived it’s first real legal challenge.

Fulton County Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams last week denied an injunction requested by the educators in a challenge that has been pending in the court for almost a year. Going against arguments voiced by the professors that they should be able to bar guns from their classes for various reasons, Adams rejected the case citing the defendants, Gov. Nathan Deal and state Attorney General Chris Carr, named in their official capacity, were exempt due to sovereign immunity.

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