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By Chris Eger

The federal rule banning bump stocks is set to become effective on March 26. (Photo: Slide Fire Solutions)
A federal judge in Washington D.C. on Monday rejected a request for a temporary injunction to halt a ban on bump stocks set to take effect next month.
U.S. Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, a 2017 appointment by President Trump, issued a 64-page ruling this week in which she rejected the challenges posed by plaintiffs who argued the ban was unlawful and unconstitutional. Friedrich instead sided with federal regulators saying the court “determines that ATF reasonably interpreted and applied the NFA’s definition of ‘machinegun’” when it came to bump stock devices.
“Although operating a bump stock may cause slight movements of the trigger finger, it does not require a shooter to consciously and repeatedly exert force to depress the trigger multiple times,” said Friedrich, upholding a rule first proposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives last year.
The two lawsuits before Friedrich, FPC v. Whitaker and Guedes v. BATFE, were part of a bevy of litigation filed immediately after the rule was signed by then-by Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in December.
One point the court seemed to concede was the claim by the


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