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By Tom Knighton

I’ve heard horror stories of kids who have to stay with foster parents. Some are absolute nightmare fuel.

But I like to believe that those horror stories represent a small minority of the foster families out there. Most, it seems to me, are people who want to open their home up to kids who need something better than the old-style orphanages where dozens of kids are packed under one roof.

That said, I get why agencies charged with protecting these kids have rules about what foster parents can and can’t do while there’s a foster child in residence. The problem is when they infringe on people’s civil liberties like in Missouri.

A Kansas City couple claims in a federal lawsuit state requirements for foster parents who own guns violate their constitutional rights.

Foster parents in Missouri are not prohibited from possessing firearms if they are otherwise legally allowed to do so. But the Missouri Department of Social Services imposes several restrictions on them, The Kansas City Star reported. The rules include storing firearms and ammunition separately, keeping firearms locked in areas inaccessible to children, and keeping firearms in a locked area in any vehicle transporting a foster child.

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