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By James England


EUGENE, OREGON — Adolfo Rodriguez, 29, of Eugene, attempted to rob a concealed carrier at knifepoint while the man was out for an evening stroll with his wife. After Rodriguez pulled his knife, a heated verbal altercation took place and the man pulled his gun as a warning for Rodriguez to advance no further.

Rodriguez wisely decided to beat feet out of there. According to the Register-Guard, he was captured shortly thereafter by police and charged with first-degree robbery and unlawful use of a weapon.

The Register-Guard pointed out that if convicted, Rodriguez will face mandatory minimum sentencing totally up to 7.5 years. That’s a good stretch behind bars. The alternative of having a gun used on him, though, is likely well worth it.

There’s going to be a bunch of discussion about the pros and cons of using a gun against someone with a knife at close range. We’ve all seen the Mythbusters episode where Jamie charges at 15 feet, etc., etc.

Mythbusters was a great show. They covered a lot of topics that were entertaining. Mythbusters, though, is entertainment. Self-defense is reality.

If someone threatens to use a weapon — whether it be a knife or a gun — the person …Read the Rest

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