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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

corrections officer charged with having gun in nj

A corrections officer from Pennsylvania says he’s one of the good guys, but that didn’t stop New Jersey’s outlandish gun laws from going after him instead of the real criminals in the Garden State.

Raymond Hughes was driving home with his wife after going to a concert and having dinner together in Atlantic City. Going to New Jersey happened to be the mistake.

While driving home the corrections officer became a victim of a drunken driving accident.

When the police showed up Hughes informed the officers that he had a gun under his seat. While Hughes was sent to the hospital the police seized the 9mm Glock. Days later he was charged with not having a NJ gun permit even though he was licensed to carry in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to,

“I’m one of the good guys,” Hughes said. “Now they’re trying to make me one of the people I protect society from.”

Hughes, 46, is the latest to be charged with carrying a gun legally owned in another state into New Jersey, which has strict limits on how and where weapons can be transported and doesn’t recognize carry permits from other states.

Hughes’s attorney, Evan Nappen, …Read the Rest

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