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By Jenn Jacques


I read an article yesterday on NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom called What is Your Vulnerability Index? In it, author and friend Clay Turner suggests a new way of calculating how changes in our circumstances may affect our vulnerability.

In part, Clay writes, “What if we just wanted to start you thinking about how circumstances and choices affect your personal security? Let’s call such a tool the Vulnerability Index (VX). It would start us off with a base value of, say, 100 points, and would add/subtract points to indicate how more or less vulnerable we are. Add 1 point for every year of age over 55. Add 5 points each for heart disease and diabetes, and 10 points each for nagging chemical dependencies such as nicotine, alcohol and drugs. Subtract 5 points if you exercise weekly, 10 points if you exercise daily. Subtract 25 points if you live in a gated community; add 25 if you live in a trailer park. Add 50 points if you live in Chicago public housing.”

You get the idea. Continuously assessing your situation to identify potential gaps in your personal safety. Is this a novel idea, or a return to common sense …Read the Rest

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