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By Justin Stakes

Trigger Pull Explained : Next

Gun Education – Trigger Pull Weight for a Handgun?
By Larry Vickers
AmmoLand Editors: Editors note: We get a lot of questions on the topic of trigger pull, check out our detailed explanation in another article and compare that to Larry’s sage advice below.

LAV Training Tip: Trigger Pull

Strasburg, OH -( Often I get asked in my classes what is an acceptable or correct trigger pull weight on a carry or duty handgun.

Trigger Pull As a General Rule

This is a very good question and one that does not get addressed properly in the gun media. The following are my thoughts on the subject:

As a general rule, a serious use pistol should have a trigger pull no lighter than 4 pounds and ideally no more than 6 pounds. Average shooters will generally shoot a pistol with the same trigger pull weight from shot to shot better than a double action/single action pistol that has a long and relatively heavy first trigger pull, followed by lighter and shorter trigger pull for each subsequent shot. A perfect example would be a Glock 17 with a factory stock trigger that weighs approx 5 pounds and …Read the Rest

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