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By Bob Owens


It’s a pretty safe bet that if there is a bad gun control idea to be pushed, that the radically anti-gun Democrats of the Chicago area will latch on to it. Cook County now appears to be on the edge of adopting a blatantly unconstitutional tax on ammunition modeled after one that has seen Seattle’s city council dragged into court.

Some people just aren’t bright enough to learn from past mistakes:

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has said she has enough votes to approve a new countywide tax on ammunition for handguns and rifles.

Preckwinkle said the ammo tax – first suggested by Commissioner Richard Boykin – would slap a one-cent-per-cartridge levy on less powerful ammunition such as .22 caliber bullets, and a five-cent-per-bullet tax on more powerful ammo, such as 9-mm bullets.

“Commissioner Boykin came forward with the idea, and I pointed out to him that we’ve tried this before, and only gotten eight votes. One of the votes that we had hoped for at the time was the vote of his predecessor,” she said.

Boykin acknowledged he agreed to support Preckwinkle’s plan for a new 1 percent county hotel tax increase, but said his aim is the bullet tax.

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