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By Robert Farago

John Lennon (courtesy

Writing for, a convicted murderer writing under the pen name “John Lennon” [above] argues that lax gun laws had nothing to do with his crime. “It reminded me of the December night in 2001 when I easily obtained a (straw purchased) assault rifle from a friend and used it to shoot an associate of mine named Alex in the head. He, too, sat unarmed in a car, this one on a Brooklyn street. I killed Alex after learning that he was extorting a man who sold drugs for me. I can’t change what I did even as I feel remorse for it—the responsibility for pulling the trigger is mine alone.” Fair enough. Only not really. Mr. Lennon doesn’t take sole responsibility for his actions . . .

I can’t help but think about what would have happened that night if I hadn’t had access to that gun. Instead, maybe another sequence of events would have unfolded. Perhaps the effects of the Xanax I had taken would have worn off. Perhaps I would have slept on it and felt differently the next day. Perhaps we would have talked it out. Instead, there I was–emotionally empty and angry, and …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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