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By Tom Knighton

Violence is a complicated topic. We all try to simplify it, but it’s far more complex. The presence of a weapon isn’t a requirement for it. Instead, there are any number of other factors that do need to be considered.

During the House hearings on gun violence, we heard some of the usual comments, followed by a controversial statement that will outrage a lot of people, but touches on a key truth.

The house judiciary committee heard from a panel of experts and victims of gun violence Wednesday.

Democrats are proposing a bill to require universal background checks for gun purchases.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler said, “The epidemic of gun violence in this country is a national crisis and an international embarrassment.”

In 2017, 40,000 Americans were killed by guns.

Nadler went on to say, “No other developed country has such high gun violence rates. The common factor in all these other countries is that they have strong gun laws.”

The hearing became heated when Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida said the problem isn’t guns.

“In the circumstances that I indicated it was not the firearm, it was the fact that we have an immigration system that allows people to …Read the Rest

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