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By James England

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA — A Public Records Request made by ABC 7 News was honored by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. Within that request was the names and locations of every single registered concealed carrier in the county.

According to the Sheriff’s Office’s official statement, it’s a point of pride that only 17% of applicant requests for a concealed carry permit are approved. But, for the remaining 317 concealed carriers that were issued permits through Contra Costa county, their names and locations are now in the hands of a major news organization.

“We try and balance the needs of the public and the people who want or need access to the information to ensure everyone’s safety,” said Nate McCormack, Lieutenant with the Sheriffs Office.

ABC 7 News has yet to publish these names but from prior examples like the Journal News in 2012, this information can be used to make interactive maps to help criminals determine which houses likely have guns to steal.

This is a grossly negligent action on behalf of law enforcement.

Not only does this place lawfully registered concealed carriers at heightened risk, it sets a dangerous precedent whereby law enforcement knowingly abuses and distributes information …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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