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By Tom Knighton

The Supreme Court currently has a right-leaning ideological slant. This is opposed to decades of left-leaning influence that existed prior to the status quo followed by a relatively brief time with a somewhat centrist influence. Such is the nature of the Supreme Court. While it may have been envisioned by to be non-partisan, the truth of the matter is that justices were always going to have some degree of bias. It’s just human nature.

Yet for the moment, the Court has a rightward lean to it, and that’s good news for gun rights advocates.

The fact that it’s good news for us has led to continued talk of packing the Supreme Court should Democrats get the chance.

Perhaps encouraged by Democratic senators in August warning the Supreme Court to “heal” itself or face restructuring, one progressive group has doubled down on advocating court-packing, while another liberal group this week released a “Supreme Court shortlist” of 32 prospective judicial nominees for a future Democratic president, filled mostly with activists but only a few judges.

It would appear that the left is increasingly focused on the Supreme Court, and many of the groups expressed annoyance that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates—one of …Read the Rest

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