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By Dan Zimmerman

By Michael in GA

I watched the video of Pinch, West Virginia pharmacist Don Radcliff who successfully thwarted an armed robbery. I watch a lot of defensive shooting videos for more than entertainment value. I agree that “the best plan is to not have a plan,” but what we have to have are instincts. Instincts and training to back up what your instincts are telling you to do in any variety of situations. Instincts that are not inherent are learned. The best way for me to learn instinctive reaction is to dissect accounts of actual DGUs . . .

Force-on-force training is probably the best way to train because your instincts can be tested. The drawbacks being the cost and the fact that the actual DGU likely will not be a situation you practiced. I still recommend it because you need to experience the elevated heart rate from the stress that a sim can provide.

Videos of actual DGUs, however, allow us to experience, vicariously, a multitude of tactics from aggressors and the actions, reactions, or inaction by the victims. We are able to see slow motion and freeze-frame and replay it over and over, hopefully in …read more

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