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By Dan Zimmerman


By Dereck Hornilla

I used to live in Charleston, South Carolina for the better part of a decade, and I was just as saddened as others when I saw the news of the Charleston Shooting. However, that sadness quickly turned to anger when politicians and others on social media began using this tragedy to push their gun-control agenda even before the dead had been buried. In that state of anger, I wrote the following short poem . . .

I Will Not Comply
If laws will limit arms, I’ll get more quickly and immediate.
If names are to be listed, then count me with the disobedient.
If arms are to be registered, then you’ll find mine can’t be found.
If they are to be seized, you’ll hear my bullets’ deaf’ning sound.
If searches happen door-to-door, you’ll find mine will be defended.
And if our rights are to be taken, you’ll find mine won’t be surrendered.
The line’s been drawn here in the sand, there upon, it shall be written,
That “I will not comply, don’t tread on me, you shall be bitten!”

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