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By Dan Zimmerman


By John Kornegay

Let me say this very clearly – I owe Wayne LaPierre an apology. Prior to 2011, I thought he was a paranoid loose cannon who was talking through his tin-foil hat. I have come to see the error of my own ways, and the correctness of his beliefs. Let me share how I came to this epiphany . . .

Up until 2011, you would have called me a Fudd at best. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in the south and midwest, guns and hunting were just part of life. If you wanted to hunt, you bought a hunting license, went down to Sears and bought a shotgun or rifle, got a landowner’s permission, and went hunting (in season, of course).

No permission needed to buy a gun or own a gun required, at least for rifles and shotguns. I didn’t know much about handguns because my father (rightly) recognized that my two brothers and I weren’t responsible enough, plus he just didn’t like them. He wasn’t wild about rifles, either, so we only had BB guns and pellet rifles. But he loved to bird hunt, and taught my brothers and me to love it as well.

However, as …read more

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