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By Dan Zimmerman


By Aiden Pheil

As a millennial gun owner, the length and breadth of my life experience with firearms is polymer. The GLOCK 19 is our generation’s 1911; after all Tupac sure wasn’t bustin’ any of John Browning’s designs. If somebody my age says they “prefer revolvers,” check their closet for skinny jeans and their fridge for a case of PBR. I don’t prefer revolvers. They’re cool, sure, but you’ll never catch me arguing the superiority of a wheelgun. More reliable? Maybe, but if a GLOCK 19 jams . . .

it’ll probably be ten rounds into a magazine that holds the equivalent of three fully loaded revolvers. But if you can’t get it done with five, you can’t get it done with 15, right? Tell that to the guy who shrugged off 22 shots of .40 S&W before expiring…minutes after the last shot. Well then it’s all about placement, you say.

If I am ever in a defensive gun use I will consider myself blessed by the almighty Jerry Miculek if I hit my target even once. The only factor under your control is the weapon you bring with you, and last time I checked, 15 chances was more than …read more

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